American Teen “Jock” Animation Excerpt

Animation Direction, Animation and Composition, 2008
In 2008 Blacklist called me to collaborate with an animation excerpt in a documentary about the lives of five Warsaw Community High School seniors, in an Indiana town (USA). Nanette Burnstein, the director, asked the students about their fantasies, about how they wished their lives could be. Those thoughts were the inspiration for the animated sequences. My piece was about Colin Clemens, the “jock”, a star basketball player for Warsaw, who’s dream was to get a scholarship and became a professional player. I called a couple of good and very talented friends of mine, Alex Lins and Ariadne Binderl, to help me out with the character design and textures. American Teen competed at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, in the Documentary competition and Nanette Burnstein won the Documentary Directing Award.

Film Director Nannette Burstein

Production Company Blacklist
Executive Producer Adina Sales
Producer Owen Katz

“JOCK Excerpt” Credits
Character Design/Modelling Alex Lins
Textures and Paintings Ariadne Binderl
Rigging Shuichi Nakahara