Consell de Ciutat “Recull Paraules”

Direction and Illustration, 2010
This was a special project produced at boolab, given the limited amount of resources and ample creative freedom. It consisted in the creation of a spot that explained Consell de Ciutat’s mission, the highest consultative and participative body in Barcelona.The creative concept developed by Soon in Tokyo consisted in conveying the idea that the opinions and thoughts of citizens, represented as words, do not lay forgotten in the streets, but are taken into consideration by the Consell. The inspirations were early 20th century street scene films and naïve art, the music piece, specially composed by Trafalgar 13 for this project, was inspired in the works of Django Reinhardt.

Production company boolab
Executive Producer Coke Ferreiro
Producer Bárbara Sáenz de Buruaga

Character Design/Illustration Terlina Lie
Character Animation Javi Vaquero and Pablo Navarro
Animation Assistant Terlina Lie

Music Trafalgar 13
Agency Soon in Tokio