SIEMENS – Santa’s Workshop

Direction, Art Direction and Animation Direction, 2015
     “Santa’s Factory” is an interactive story that talks about some of the products and technologies Siemens has to offer, through a dialogue between Santa Claus and a little girl. More than a conversation, though, what we actually have is Santa unable to contain his enthusiasm and babbling on and on about the recent upgrades he did to his North Pole factory – using Siemens technology, of course.
     Every time Santa mentions one of those improvements we cut to his workshop, and the viewer is invited to join in a playful interactive sequence where he or she can help assemble a new toy or test-drive various new sleigh designs.
     Lobo was invited by Stink Digital and Ogilvy New York to create the animated sequences, including the design of the characters and the overall art direction of the piece. We wanted it to have all the warmth and nostalgic mood of Christmas, together with a bold, modern look that looks beautiful across all the platforms the piece will be played, from desktop browsers to smartphones. We achieved this by a mix of 2D and 3D animation, with a flat, painterly finish reminiscent of lavishly illustrated picture books.
     Join Santa’s elves ons the factory floor and help spread hi-tech holiday cheer in this website.
Agency Stink Digital
Executive Producer Loic François Marie Dubois
Creative Direction Mateus de Paula Santos
Guilherme Marcondes
Director Diogo Kalil
Producers Aron Aguiar
Amanda Queiroz Telles
Concept Artist Michele Masagli
Renan Nuche
Fernanda Montoni
Antonio Soares Neto
Isabela Littger
Storyboard Antonio Soares Neto
Rigging Vivi Adade
James do Carmo
Set Design/th>

Michele Masagli
Fernanda Montoni
2D Animation Paulo Pássaro
Fernando Chan
3D Animation Helio Takahashi
Janaina Bonacelli
Bruno Hamzagic
Victor Dinis
Marco Trandafilov
Nicolas Nasser
Daniel Alvite
Render 3D Mauricio Löbel
Felipe Bauer
Textures Naiara Lima
Michel Venus
Rafael Martinez
Felipe Bauer
Compositing Francisco Beraldo
Felipe Frazão
Diogo Kalil
Thiago Pinho
Anderson Omori
Fernando Chan
Modelagem 3D Lincoln Horita
Karla Ruoco
Rafael Segnini
Rafael Martinez
CG Diogo Kalil
Felipe Bauer
Olavo Chagas
Production Assistant Bruna Amorim
Soundtrack Paulo Beto, Anvil FX