Co-Direction and Animation, 2016
Wood Pencil, Moving Image (Graphic Design), D&AD 2017
     “Stone Milk” is the theme of the promotional campaign for the CCSP 2016 festival. In Portuguese, the expression “to milk a rock” is similar in meaning to “wring blood out of a stone”. Here we have a single white drop being extracted from huge rocks through extreme means, like explosions and demolitions. It symbolises creativity, specifically the way it sprouts apparently out of nowhere after much effort and dedication.
     This concept also concerns Brazil’s current economic crisis, and how it encourages a search for original, ingenious solutions using scarce, if not non-existent, resources.
     Vetor Zero/Lobo produced 3 spots for this campaign: “Comet”, “Catapult” and “Demolition”. They explore the contrast between dramatic, monumental events involving rocks of various kinds and the delicateness of the little drop that squeezes out from it. This duality is also present in the art direction of the campaign, which is entirely in black and white. The animations were created in 3D, finished in a way that strips off all illusion of depth and volume, according to the minimalistic principles behind the campaign’s visual style.
Client Clube de Criação São Paulo
Agency FCB Brasil
Production Company Vetorzero/Lobo
Atendimento Marcia Guimarães
Camila Carrieri
Producer Maisa Mendonça
Larissa Zazula
Director Mateus de Paula Santos
Diogo Kalil
Animation Diogo Kalil
Simulation Diogo Kalil
Rogério Miagy
Edivaldo Souza
3D Fabio Shiguemura
Thiago Peretto
Rafael Segnini
Igor Calaicovo
Compositing Guilherme Sarinho
Audio AntFood